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An upcoming multi-season show retelling the Book of Actsset in an alternate-modern day.

A modern adaptation

"It's something old...
...and yet something new"

Persecution can birth powerful movements, and no movement has proven as powerful as that of the early Christian church.

This series will capture all of the excitement, danger, and hope of the book of Acts while avoiding the challenges some face when engaging in historical adaptations. By setting TESTAMENT in the modern day, we hope to connect audiences to the Bible in a fresh and highly relatable way. 

We are currently gauging interest in this multi-season show ahead of opening the opportunity for you to invest and own a part of the show. That means, if the series was to make a profit, you could partake in those profits (better than a t-shirt).

If you are interested in seeing this series come to life, click the “Express Interest” button below to take you to our gauging interest site. Otherwise, click “Watch Clip” for a sneak peak.


We are thrilled to announce we have partnered with Angel Studios as our distributor. When the series is successfully funded, you will be able to watch the movie that was the inspiration for the series on the Angel App which can be found on most streaming devices.

The original movie, Testament & The Parables Retold, is slated for release this November on the Angel App. If you are based in the UK, however, you can now host a film screening for your local church/ community/ cinema.

Once complete, the series will first be available on the Angel App.


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Rev Dr Hugh Osgood
This is a sharply executed work, of a similar production quality to a BBC drama.
Nathanael Smith
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Adam Cheise


Our children are safe with our compassionate teachers who can understand the psychology

Paul Syrstad

Director & Creator

Founder of roarlight and creator of “The Parables Retold” series.

Faith Syrstad

Series Wrtier

Award-nominated playwright and currently working with BBC Executives on her series.

Kenneth Omole

Actor & Series Writer

Actor in the original “Testament” film and writer of an award-winning short film.


Andy Toovey


Director of Photography on countless features as well as the original “Testament”.

Ed Watkins

Composer & Music Supervisor

Composer and programmer of features, shorts, and AAA video games.

Toyosi Fuwa

Production Designer

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